Welcoming New Students

Drumragh Integrated College is particularly pleased to welcome new students. We appreciate that it is a difficult decision to change schools at 16 and that the prospect of making new friends can seem daunting. We have worked hard to try and make this transition as smooth as possible and it is a feature of our service of which we are very proud. Much of what we do has been suggested by students who were themselves new to Drumragh Integrated College.

This year alone, we had more than 20 applications from new students to start at Drumragh at post-16 level.

Some of the things which have been suggested, and which we now do as standard include:-

  • Our induction conference is designed to help new students settle in. There are, for example, games and sessions designed to help students get to know each other.
  • At the start of the year all students are allocated to a form teacher. If possible, a new student will be allowed to change form group, so they will have friends in the same group.
  • All new students meet with the Head of Sixth Form informally soon after starting in September then again just before October half term. This provides them with the opportunity to raise issues or concerns, in an informal manner.

If you are thinking of applying to Drumragh Integrated College for the first time, please be assured that we will do everything we can to ensure you feel welcome and that the start of your new career is focused on the most important issue – your personal success.


The Student Voice

We take what our students have to say very seriously. They help us to improve our service to young people year after year. The Student Council, led by Sixth Form students, has made great strides in communicating the needs of students from across the subject spectrum. In the Sixth Form, we sample the opinions and feelings of our students using questionnaires at the end of both Year 13 and Year 14. This is what some of our newly arriving students are saying about their experience of the Sixth Form so far:

My experience has been an enjoyable one. I am studying Government & Politics, History and Health & Social Care. The work load is a lot more than the GCSE and AS years but I manage to get a lot done in my study periods. This year I have also developed more mature relationships with my subject teachers so I know the support & help is always there when I need it. I would advise that people join our sixth form as it is a really enjoyable experience.

Shannon Magee 14JG

Since I joined 6th form I have found the work a lot harder than that of GCSE because it is a lot more time consuming. However, you get even more help from the teachers and have a more one-to-one relationship with them, being treated more maturely. I now have settled into A2 and with my teachers help, find the workload enjoyable and manageable.

Sonia Benhassine 14RG

Since my transition from GCSE through AS and onto A-level, I have found I have a lot more independence in my own work, and some study time in which to do it. Although the amount of work has increased, more help is given individually by teachers.

Mark McDermott 14CC

The transition from GCSE to Sixth form was huge but it has also been enjoyable and worthwhile. You might think there is a lot of work in it? There is - I can’t deny that, but it is rewarding and worth the time and effort in order to attend a sixth form where you are valued.

Conor Tester 14JG

The changeover from GCSE to A-Level was difficult yet rewarding. The new challenges and experience being offered means that greater responsibility is needed for sixth form life.

Shane McLaughlin 14JG

We are treated more like adults than children, our relationships with staff are at a more mature level, but! In 6th Form you study because you want to, not because you have to.

Pamela Sawyers 13DO

During my time in sixth form I have noticed that teachers expect a lot more but also that they give even more in return. I am going to have to try my best to ensure I achieve the grades of which I am capable but with the support we are given I am confident in my ability.

Demi Coyle 13TR

My transition into sixth form has been challenging but enjoyable and the teachers have been very supportive while I made this progression. I know that I can look forward to the rest of the year knowing my teachers will support me along the way.

Jessica Dougherty 13BK

My transfer from St Johns to Drumragh Integrated College was made easy by the warm welcome I received from both students and teachers. The step up to A-level from GCSE is extremely challenging however I have found it a rewarding experience.

Niamh McConnell 13DO

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