366 Pockets of Positivity Calendar - HOW TO ORDER 

Due to the resounding success of the 366 Pockets of Positivity Calendar, we have been inundated with many requests for more. 

Head Boy Jamie Harkin has set up an online order form, click on the order online button above or in the instructions below.   This is a very worthy cause with all proceeds going to Care for Cancer in memory of the late Mr Graham Peters.


Calendars are £10 each plus P&P (See below details for P&P options)


Steps to Order:



  1. Fill out this form with all details
  2. Choose your payment method. We will be in touch to confirm your payment option.
  3. If choosing PayPal/Card, we will send a follow up email with a payment link.
  4. If choosing cheque, please send it to Drumragh College Calendar Sales, 70 Crevenagh Road, Omagh, BT79 0GW and the calendar will be dispatched once this has been received. Enclose your full name and address on a piece of paper with the cheque.
  5. Your order will be dispatched in due course.



UK Shipping is £4 for up to 4 calendars. Add £2 per calendar for any additional. 


International shipping is £6 for up to 2 calendars. Add £2 per calendar for any additional.


All proceeds to Care for Cancer.


Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.


“366 Pockets of Positivity... Your Daily Prescription of Inspiration”

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Students, staff and parents at Drumragh Integrated College are celebrating a very strong set of GCSE results yet again this year. The college community is extremely proud of its students and extends its congratulations to every one of them. These students are building their future plans and successes, and the future looks bright for them. Many are now looking forward to beginning their A-level studies at Drumragh within the next two weeks – and so a new chapter in their life story begins.

Drumragh Integrated College continues to move forward, and its 2019 GCSE results provide ample evidence of this. These excellent achievements reflect much more than just intelligence; they show clearly the commitment and the strength of character that each of these young people has. Great exam results require a combination of brainpower, dedication and character, and these students have shown they are rich in all three ingredients.

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Drumragh Integrated College has been enjoying the rewards of all the months and years of dedicated hard work that have been fulfilled by its Sixth Form students, supported brilliantly by staff and parents. The college’s warm congratulations go to them all. 

Many students have successfully gained entry to their university courses and future pathways. This is an exciting next step for each of them and they thoroughly deserve their success.  The college community is proud of their talents, their values and their commitment to their studies. Drumragh also thanks those who are leaving for all they have given to the college family during their years of study there – it’s been a privilege to teach and work with them.

These excellent results involve much more than intelligence – they showcase the strength of character that each of these young people has, including their grit and determination. They also bear witness to the inspiring way in which members of the college community work together. Individual A level successes include the following:

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We are accepting applications for Sixth Form!! Please see copy of letter below and our flyer attached or contact us on 02882 252440 for further information.

Application to study to advanced level at Drumragh Integrated College Sixth Form

Dear applicant,

Firstly, thank you for your interest in pursuing your education at Drumragh Integrated College. We value every student application and will try to advise and guide you appropriately. Before you take the time to complete the application documents, please refer to the entry criteria given in the prospectus. You will find this useful as you make your choices.

Once you have completed the documents, please send them back to us as soon as possible. On GCSE results day (22nd August 2019) you should then come into college between 12.00pm and 1.30pm to discuss your application. You should also bring the following documents at this time:

- A reference from your current school.

- All GCSE results relevant to your application.

I look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss your future path in education.

Yours Faithfully

Mr D Lilleker

Head of Post-16

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 22:38


GCSE results will be available in college from 9.00am on Thursday 22ndAugust. Students must visit the college, in uniform, to collect all results and we recommend that you attend at this time to enable us to best facilitate you.


All Year 12 students who have applied to the sixth form must see Mr Lilleker or Mrs Bell to verify that grades attained match advanced level subject entry requirements. There will be a limited number of sixth form ties available for purchase at this time priced £10.

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In School from Monday 13th May 2019

  • The Revision Programme begins on Monday 13th May.
  • This is a timetable of revision lessons and my thanks go to the amazing staff at Drumragh for agreeing to run these crucial classes.
  • Students will be registered at 9am in their existing form rooms.
  • Students continue to attend classes as indicated on their timetable except where staff indicate that they will not be running revision lessons.
  • During periods where no class is scheduled and no examination is taking place, students will be supervised in the sixth form study facility where they can continue their preparations.
  • Uniform is not a requirement during the revision programme, except in examinations when full uniform must be worn.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to attend all of the relevant revision lessons provided unless instructed otherwise by subject teachers.


  • Buses from the depot will continue to run in the mornings and registration is at 9am.
  • If a student has no class or examination in the afternoon, then they will be encouraged to sign out and catch a free bus at 12.20 to the depot.
  • If a student has no class or examination in the morning, this bus will bring them into college for afternoon classes and examinations at 12noon from the depot.

Our two highest fundraisers, Megan Gilliland and Wiktor Gracikowski presenting a cheque to Rebecca Oates from Cancer Fund for Children NI. We participate in ReadOn annually to help raise funds and support the charity. Well done to all of KS3 for their efforts!

If you haven't already... Please take a few moments to vote for Makenna on the links below, thank you!…/02/21/2018-sports-awards-voting/……/2018-overall-sports-personality…/

Our very own Makenna Chadwick in the Ulster Herald Sports Personality of the Year Awards. Makenna is in the running for both the Ulster Herald Youth Sports Personality and Overall Sports Personality of the Year 2018.   After an incredible season of success in Archery, Makenna not only won multiple titles but she finished the year by winning the Archery World Championships in South Africa, this is a true success story and we are all very proud of her achievements here at Drumragh Integrated College.

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I've just uploaded highlights of our January Ski Trip to Italy 2019 on our YouTube Channel below...We are now taking numbers for Italy 2020!! If you have been or are thinking of going with us next year this video is definitely worth watching!! :)


Drumragh Integrated Prospectus

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