Students at Drumragh Integrated College have achieved excellent results in the 2021 examination series. Despite the challenges and adversities of the last two academic years, students from the college have shown commitment and determination to attain outstanding results, reflective of their ability, aptitude and resilient attitudes.


Mrs Imelda Kirk, Principal, commented, ‘Drumragh Integrated College is now established as a school where excellence matters. Staff support of every student is exemplary and the approach to this year’s system of rigorous assessment is reflective of the professionalism, and dedication of all staff in the college. I congratulate all of our students at AS, A2, BTec and GCSE on outstanding results this week. This year’s examination system was certainly different but robust and thorough in nature. The excellent results attained by our students today are an accurate reflection of their ability, character and determination to succeed. '


Exceptional performances at A2 include:


Candela Arrayas – A*A*A*

Niamh McCaul – A*A*A*

Keelan Scott – A*A*A*

Philip Hegarty – A*A*A

Alanna McCauley – A*A*A

Suzi Clements – A*AA

Aoife Dennison – A*AA

Morgan Gormley – A*AA

Maeve Jackson Ware – A*AA

Jamie Logue – A*AA

Ella McBride – A*AA

Shauna McGrath – A*AA

Erin Mills – A*AA

Rosa Papakyria – A*AA


We wish our Yr14 students every success as they progress to the next level with the core values of integration guiding their pathways.


Outstanding performances are also evident at GCSE including:


10A* Paula McElroy

10A* Claire Murnaghan

10A* Ben Peters


6A* 3A Jenna Harkin

5A* 4A Wren Chambers

5A* 4A Emily Hegarty

5A* 3A 2B Finn Murnaghan

5A* 3A 2B Aimee Kelly

5A* 3A 1B Bailie Young

4A* 5A 1C* Sinead Ward

4A* 3A 1B 2C* Cara Curran

4A* 3A 2B Sean McGoldrick

3A* 2A 2B 2C* Jamie Shannon

2A* 5A 3B Alanna Doherty

2A* 4A 3B Tiernan Harvey

2A* 4A 3B Keeley McCarney


Staff congratulate all our students and take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank parents who have also guided students through an extremely challenging period. Students have been richly rewarded for their efforts and we look forward to continued success in the new academic year.



Mrs Imelda Kirk


Drumragh Integrated College



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