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Please read the following instructions for results collection carefully, they are for your safety and that of the staff.
1. You should collect your results personally and any additional family members are required to remain in their car. Please note that there is no parking available at the rear of the building and you must park at the front.
2. If you are unable to collect your own results you should write and sign a letter nominating the person who will collect them and they alone should enter the building. We are unable to provide results to a representative without a signed letter and this will be retained for our records.
3. Please wear a mask whilst inside the building.
4. Do not attend if you have any of the symptoms of C19.
5. You should enter the building through the student entrance and adhere to the 2m social distancing markings. We will be giving results out at reception and you should anticipate a queue along the maths corridor.
6. Please adhere to the 2m social distancing guidelines outside the building.
7. Once you have collected your results you should exit the building via the main door at reception and return to your car. Please don’t open your envelope until you have exited the building.
8. Do not remain at the exit. Return directly to your car whilst maintaining social distancing guidance.
9. Staff will be present along the corridor and there will be a letter in each envelope to say what happens next. You should read this letter as soon as you open your results.
We know that your thoughts will quickly turn to what happens next. Don’t worry, ours already have! The letter will make clear how we will get in touch with you to address all the questions you have. We will be asking you for an up to date contact number on which we can contact you later in the day. This guidance is just to facilitate the safe collection of your results under these unusual conditions.
We’re looking forward to seeing you on 10th August! Please make yourselves familiar with these instructions, all of the details are important.
For any further queries please contact us via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Good luck!