Key worker Rota for the Easter Holidays and weekends during the holidays

The staff of Drumragh College are offering a supervision rota to key workers who have children at our school.

If you wish to avail of the service, please contact the school by 2.00pm on the day prior to the date required. If you wish to avail of the weekend service please let us know by 2.00pm on the Friday before. You can contact us via the email address below or by sending a text to the number below.


We can be contacted in the first instance via a text only to 07858928215 or through our info account (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Please note the following.


The rota will be in place for each day of the Easter Holidays and the two weekends of the holidays.

The rota is available to key workers as defined in the published list.

The student(s) must attend Drumragh College.

Each student will be required to bring a packed lunch, snacks and work/activities to keep him or her occupied. There will be no teaching.

The times are 9.00am to 3.00 each day.

On arrival at the gate, the temperature of the student will be taken. If it is 37.8 or higher the student will not be admitted. A parent or guardian must be present at the time the temperature is taken.


Contact details must be left with each student.


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