A message to KS4 and KS5 students from Mr Dennison

Every day I get messages from your teachers telling me how amazing you are, how you have embraced the challenges you have been presented with, and how you continue to inspire them with your dedication and eagerness to learn. They also tell me, and other members of our Senior Leadership Team about your concerns for the future. Right now, please know that every single member of staff is doing his or her very best to ensure you achieve the success you have worked so hard for, and richly deserve. We want you to succeed just as much as you do, and we are doing absolutely everything we can to ensure you success. Please be reassured that you are not alone and you have our full support.



We are currently waiting for guidance from CCEA on how they will determine final grades for Y12 and Y14 students and we are in regular contact with them, to guarantee we receive the latest information for you. One thing is clear. They are totally committed to ensuring you are not disadvantaged in any way. Their message is clear, and that is, they want to get this right for you, and this is why they have not rushed out any guidance. 


CCEA have stated that they want to “Ensure that candidates receive fair results..” and “we will work with other awarding organisations so our approaches are similar”. If you are a Y14 or a Y12 student you can take comfort from this because other exam boards are considering a range of data including teacher feedback. Your teachers know you well, they know final grades tend to be better than mocks and they know what you are capable of. This is all to your advantage.


You have asked your teachers why you should continue to study. We would say you should continue to study because you are near the end of your course, and you are close to achieving what you set out to do, from your first day in Drumragh. You owe it to yourself to finish and when you do, you can take great pride and satisfaction from having done so in challenging circumstances. In the future, if you are ever asked what you did during these times you can say you faced the challenge head on and finished your course. This will certainly impress any future employer or university.


By finishing your course, you continue to develop the skills you will need in the future. Many university courses are delivered on-line and the skills you are developing now, are the ones which will help ensure your success in the future. For those of you wishing to pursue a career rather than university, look at the skills you can offer an employer. Many people are now working from home and they are using the skills and technology you are currently using, to run their business.


Your teachers will tell you that learning is never wasted. For Y14s in particular, what you learn now, will likely form the basis of what you will study when you get to university. Your A Levels and BTECs prepare you for university and you will be better prepared by finishing your courses. 


Y12 students are in a similar position. Your GCSEs prepare you for your Post-16 education, whatever this may be, so continue to study and finish your courses. By doing so, you are laying down the foundations for your own future. We know a number of you have already approached your teachers with requests to start the Y13 work in your chosen subjects. This demonstrates remarkable foresight, dedication and motivation:- the things future employers and universities will hold you in high esteem for. Our promise to you is that we will guide you and support you, as you move forward into employment or Post-16, whether this be with us, in our Sixth Form, or elsewhere. No student will be disadvantaged.


If you are a Y13 or a Y11 student, you should continue with your studies because at some point our schools will open again and you will resume your courses. CCEA have promised to provide guidance and we need to wait on this, but it is likely you will have further exams and/or coursework. You can prepare for these by continuing to study.


There is one more reason to continue to study, irrespective of which year group you are in and that is you are changing how the students of the future will be taught. Many teachers across all schools are learning new skills along with you and many have said they will continue to use them in the future. When you continue to study and interact with your teachers you are helping them to learn, to practice their new skills, and by doing so, you are enriching the education of future students. Quite a legacy!


We are aware Y12 and Y14 students never got to say goodbye to their friends and teachers. We are currently working on this and we plan to have something in place for you. Something to look forward to.


Finally, on behalf of all the staff in Drumragh College can I wish you good luck and ask you to take care of yourself, take care of your families and follow the guidance on staying safe

John Dennison

Acting Principal


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