Drumragh Integrated College is a warm, welcoming, supportive school where students enjoy learning and staff enjoy teaching them. Many visitors comment on the positive atmosphere and the school community resembles a close family.


Drumragh is an integrated school that welcomes students aged from 11 to 18. It has established itself academically with impressive exam results and has a strong reputation for quality pastoral care. The result is that the college has become the school of choice for a large number of parents and children from a wide catchment area.


The school’s aims include providing excellent education for all, supporting the fulfilment by every young person of his or her personal best. This includes students who are academically very able, and for these children the college is introducing a Grammar Pathway in September 2020. Students who study in this Pathway will be challenged, stretched and inspired to excel in a stimulating learning environment. These learners are expected to progress through future programmes of GCSE and A-level study with high grades, before moving on to university and beyond.

Staff at Drumragh encourage each student to treat others with understanding and respect. There is also a strong emphasis on respecting yourself. Achievement and effort are recognised and celebrated, especially where they represent a student’s personal best.

In an often-divided society that is still struggling toward peace, integrated schools nurture intelligence and character. They also provide a strong, clear route to a better Northern Ireland. The college’s mission statement is ‘Excellence for Everyone’ - it offers a shining example of integration in practice and provides a quality of education that is second to none. All of this is underpinned by quality staff-student relationships that in many ways represent the heart of Drumragh. 

The college welcomes an active and supportive partnership with parents.It embraces those of diverse religious beliefs and none, whilst building on a Christian ethos. All students are encouraged to live and work, both in the present and the future, as constructive members of their local and wider communities.The college aims to prepare students well for the fast-changing world of the 21st century.

If anyone would like to visit the school to see it for themselves, or is unable to go along to Open Evening on Thursday 9th January 2020, then they are welcome to contact the Principal. You’ll like what you see.


Drumragh Integrated Prospectus

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