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Press release regarding Drumragh’s GCSE results August 2019

Students, staff and parents at Drumragh Integrated College are celebrating a very strong set of GCSE results yet again this year. The college community is extremely proud of its students and extends its congratulations to every one of them. These students are building their future plans and successes, and the future looks bright for them. Many are now looking forward to beginning their A-level studies at Drumragh within the next two weeks – and so a new chapter in their life story begins.

Drumragh Integrated College continues to move forward, and its 2019 GCSE results provide ample evidence of this. These excellent achievements reflect much more than just intelligence; they show clearly the commitment and the strength of character that each of these young people has. Great exam results require a combination of brainpower, dedication and character, and these students have shown they are rich in all three ingredients.


Students achieving high grades include the following:

Morgan Gormley 5A* 2A 2B 1C*

Candela Arrayas 3A* 8A

Erin Mills 2A* 4A 2B 2C*

Maeve Jackson-Ware 1A* 8A 1C*

Ella McBride 1A* 6A 1B 1C*

Nikola Potrapeluk 1A* 5A 3B 1C* 1C

Keelan Scott 1A* 4A 2B 3C*

Niamh McCaul 5A 4B 1C*

Rory Gailey 5A 4B

Rosa Papakyriacou-Gavin 5A 3B 1C*

Shauna McGrath 5A 1B 3C*

In addition to those achieving the highest grades, the college congratulates all who have achieved results that are great for them – in other words, their personal best. As an integrated college, Drumragh celebrates and encourages the best in every one of its students, and wishes them well for the future.

High examination results are a key goal at Drumragh, as they are of course for any strong school. The college is also proud, however, of the personal qualities of the students who enrich the school by studying there. Drumragh emphasises the importance of positive, generous attitudes, of developing the skills that employers want and of being a real, influential contributor to society. These are all outcomes of attending an integrated school.

Staff deserve recognition for their part in the many successes Drumragh is celebrating. They have worked so hard alongside their students, supporting them and sharing their amazing expertise with them. One of the many qualities of the college is the strength of the relationships that exist between students and staff. The college also appreciates the hard work, commitment and support of parents; the partnership between home and school is vital.

Drumragh’s aims are to work toward a better Northern Ireland in the future, by welcoming all and embracing difference, whilst providing a quality of education that is second to none. The brilliant achievements of these young people are clear evidence that these ideals are in fact a reality.

For further information, please contact Nigel Frith, Principal, on 028 8225 2440