Press release regarding Drumragh’s A & AS-level results August 2019

Drumragh Integrated College has been enjoying the rewards of all the months and years of dedicated hard work that have been fulfilled by its Sixth Form students, supported brilliantly by staff and parents. The college’s warm congratulations go to them all. 

Many students have successfully gained entry to their university courses and future pathways. This is an exciting next step for each of them and they thoroughly deserve their success.  The college community is proud of their talents, their values and their commitment to their studies. Drumragh also thanks those who are leaving for all they have given to the college family during their years of study there – it’s been a privilege to teach and work with them.

These excellent results involve much more than intelligence – they showcase the strength of character that each of these young people has, including their grit and determination. They also bear witness to the inspiring way in which members of the college community work together. Individual A level successes include the following:


Rory Cook                    A*A*A*

Rebecca McGillin        A*AA

Kathryn Donaghy        A*AB

Darerca Lynch             A*AB

Grace O’Neill               A*BB

Eishla McGoldrick       A*BB

Anna McNulty             A*A*C

Troy Fahy                    A*AC

Kamil Lukasik              A*BC

Dylan Mills                  A*BC

Jenny Steele                A*BC

Tori Kennedy               A*CC

Rory Mitchell              A*CC

Calum Cheung             AAB

Cole Reynolds             AAB

Richard Laird               AAC

Matthew MurnaghanABB


 At AS level, this year’s successes include the following:

Katie Ellen McGillin     AAAA

Nina Chambers           AAA

Jessica Gracey             AAA

Grace McSorley          AAA

Aoibhin Spriggs           AAA

Leticia Aranyi              AAC

Rory Murnaghan         ABB

Kinga Zalewska           ABB

Alex Dillon                   ABC

Julie Monteith            ABC

Orlagh Duncan            BBBC

Rosa McCann              BBB

Maeve Doody             BBC

Juliana Graham           AA

Jenna McCance           AB

Maxx Leary                 AB


Drumragh Integrated College is proud of all students who have achieved their personal best - and in some cases have done even better than was expected. The college celebrates all of these successes rather than just those who have been awarded the top grades. Staff and students have worked hard together, in partnership with parents, and now can enjoy the rewards of all they have achieved.

It is clear again from this year’s results that integrated education supports academic success for students of all abilities. It also fosters the growth of the whole person; as we know, there is much more to life than exam grades. Integrated education encourages young people to develop mutual respect, generosity of spirit and strength of character. It removes the barriers of the past and works toward a better future for all of us. To put this simply, integration provides a model of education that should be embraced urgently by those who are shaping our political and social story.

The college’s vision embraces academic excellence, fully aware that high exam results are important in this competitive world. Drumragh also recognises the need to help its young people to discover their potential and to grow as rounded members of society. Our students will build the Northern Ireland and the global society of tomorrow. The college is proud of all that they have achieved and wishes each one of them well for the future.

Press release written by Nigel Frith (Principal)


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