Year 12, 13 and 14 Revision Programme 2019

In School from Monday 13th May 2019

  • The Revision Programme begins on Monday 13th May.
  • This is a timetable of revision lessons and my thanks go to the amazing staff at Drumragh for agreeing to run these crucial classes.
  • Students will be registered at 9am in their existing form rooms.
  • Students continue to attend classes as indicated on their timetable except where staff indicate that they will not be running revision lessons.
  • During periods where no class is scheduled and no examination is taking place, students will be supervised in the sixth form study facility where they can continue their preparations.
  • Uniform is not a requirement during the revision programme, except in examinations when full uniform must be worn.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to attend all of the relevant revision lessons provided unless instructed otherwise by subject teachers.


  • Buses from the depot will continue to run in the mornings and registration is at 9am.
  • If a student has no class or examination in the afternoon, then they will be encouraged to sign out and catch a free bus at 12.20 to the depot.
  • If a student has no class or examination in the morning, this bus will bring them into college for afternoon classes and examinations at 12noon from the depot.


Drumragh Integrated Prospectus

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