Gifted & Talented Workshops at Drumragh IC

As part of the Gifted and Talented Programme at the College, our 5 weeks of primary school workshops came to an end on Tuesday evening past.

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 Throughout the 5 weeks pupils were invited to extend their skills and talents as well as challenge themselves to complete activities across 12 departments in the college. Challenges included ‘CSI Drumragh’, conceived by the Science and Drama departments, where pupils took part in a drama and then used forensic science techniques to identify the real villain. ICT challenged the students to program their very own Fitbit while Technology and Design involved the designing and developing of a Christmas Stocking hanger. The Creative Writing workshop in English used meditation and relaxation to help the students create their own poem based on a piece by Simon Armitage. Art used photo shop and real frames to create beautiful Christmas backdrops to their images while Geography had students design and label their own globes and, at the same time, trying to outwit the Geography quiz on the i-pads! 

Altogether, we had 152 pupils from local primary schools in attendance and all thoroughly enjoyed each week’s activities getting a flavour for the high academic standards we have here at Drumragh. We look forward to welcoming you back next year!!


Drumragh Integrated Prospectus

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