P5 & 6 Gifted & Talented Workshops - Week 1

Highlights from Week 1 of our P5 & 6 Gifted & Talented Workshops.  We have Science and Drama running CSI Drumragh! 

Gifted and Talented at Drumragh College!

As part of the Gifted and Talented Programme at the College, our 5 weeks of primary school workshops kicked off on Tuesday 14th November with the Science and Drama departments putting on ‘CSI Drumragh’.

With over 70 pupils attending from local primary school, pupils were in for a treat as they watched the drama unfold of the murder mystery, but who done it? From the Drama studio pupils carried on the investigation in the science labs conducting experiments and analysis to help solve the mystery and successfully identify the murderer.


An exciting evening was had by all, and we look forward to welcoming the pupils back this week for the ICT and PE workshops.  A video of the evening workshop can be found on the College facebook page.



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