One of our Gifted & Talented students, Laura McCance produced this sensational short film for the Carson Awards titled 'What does Integrated Education mean to you?' featuring a number of interviews.



"Within recent weeks and months, we've been challenged as people and as a society. Back in November of last year, I took on a project with the theme of 'What does Integrated Education mean to you?' and produced a film with both animation and interviews on the topic. I decided to create this film because my hope was dwindling; I felt stuck in a world that no longer viewed people as people but as numbers and victims. Recent events brought this to an even greater light but this film, talking with these people, gave me something priceless - knowing that we will always have each other, through life and in death.  The bloopers at the end gave me a new hope for our future together and I hope it will for you as well. I'd like to thank everyone involved as well as The Carson Award and the Carson Award Bursary project. There were many ups and downs, I gave it my best and I hope you enjoy it!" Laura McCance



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