Drumragh’s AS and A-level results August 2016

Students, staff and parents from Drumragh Integrated College are intensely proud of their students and their amazing achievements at both A and AS level. The college is delighted for the many students who have successfully gained entry to their university courses and future options; these young people are building a future for themselves and will enrich the lives of those around them. This is a rewarding next step for each of them and they deserve their success.  The college congratulates them for their exam results, their talents, their values and their months of hard work. Drumragh also thanks those who are leaving for all they have given to the college community during their years of study there – it’s been a privilege to teach and work with them.



Drumragh continues to thrive, and its 2016 A and AS-level results provide ample evidence of this. Individual successes in year 14 include the following.


Ashleigh Alexander                 A A B

James Convey                         A B (+ A at AS level)

Ciaran Curran                         A* B C

Niamh Donnelly                     A B C

Kaylan Downes                      A* A A

Lucy Harpur                            A* C C

Nathan Hunter                        A A C

Rachel Kiernan-O’Donnell     A* A A (+ A at AS level)

Ruth McClements                   A B C

Scott McIvor                            A A A B

Mark O’Neill                            A* A B

Kasia Osinska                           A B C

Tristan Roberts                       A* A B

Andrew Shortt                         A A B

Nathan Stewart                       A B B

Emma Weir                             A* A B

Marcus Williams                     A* B C



We are also proud of the successes of a number of our year 13 students in their AS level courses, with particular congratulations going to the following:


Luke Murnaghan                    A A A B

Wioletta Witek                       A A A

Nathan Potts                          A A C

Sean Gormley                         A B C

Andrew McIvor                      A B C

Ryan Greenan                         A A

Sophie Laird                            A B

Koran McAnea                        A B


At Drumragh Integrated College, staff are proud of all students who have achieved their personal best - and in some cases have done even better than was expected. The college celebrates all of these successes rather than just those who have been awarded the top grades. Staff and students have worked hard together, in partnership with parents, and now can enjoy the rewards of all they have achieved.


It is clear again from this year’s results that integrated education supports academic success for students of all abilities. It also fosters the growth of the whole person – there is much more to life than exam grades. Integrated education encourages young people to develop mutual respect, generosity of spirit and strength of character. It removes the barriers of the past and works toward a better future for all of us. To put this simply, integration provides a model of education that should be embraced urgently by those who are shaping our political and social story.


The college’s vision embraces academic excellence, and we are fully aware that high exam results are important in this competitive world. We also recognise the need to help our young people to discover their potential and to grow as rounded members of society. Our students will build the Northern Ireland and the global society of tomorrow. We are proud of all that they have achieved, and we wish each one of them well for the future.


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