‘Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair….’

The Drumragh Shakespeare Society Presented their modernised adaption of Macbeth on Thursday 11th February to a packed audience in the school hall.

 The society, which was set up as a platform to engage pupils in an extra-curricular study of Shakespearean works. Importantly though Mrs Bell and Mr Peters wanted each play to be studied as the Bard himself intended from ’Page to stage’ 

This year we have reached new heights in that we have engaged a wide range of different student abilities (in Year 8-12) from the Gifted & Talented students, to students who wished to use drama as a means to develop their personal confidence.  The production team – all in Sixth Form and have used their leadership and organisational skills to assist manage this project – “We have both appreciated the opportunity to be responsible for this production and being trusted to do so.” said Laura Mc Cance who was the student director of the project.  “ I have always had a desire to direct and this was my first opportunity, I was able to give my creative ideas and to seeing them onstage was a very proud moment”


Mrs Bell, Head of Drama spoke “We have rehearsed for 10 weeks for 1 hour after school – the pupils committed so that the project would not infringe on their learning in class, and they must be congratulated for the superb and often professional looking performance onstage – each student totally immersed themselves in the language of Shakespeare and understood what was being said and communicated to the audience.”


A few audience responses that we received:


“Absolutely outstanding, the talent onstage was worthy of the London Stage”


“Engaging, every pupil onstage was living their part with depth of meaning and true acting prowess”


“Brilliant, simply brilliant”





Well done to everyone of a splendid performance and display of teamwork.  Until the next time…..


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