Eco Week at Drumragh Integrated College


Last week saw Drumragh Integrated College celebrating “Eco Week”. The Eco Committee made up of a body of students’, devised a number of activities that promoted energy conservation and recycling within the school. Prior to Eco Week the school had been involved in a number of Eco activities.


Sixty Year 9 students attended the Eco Schools Environmental road show and exhibitions in Magherafelt on Thursday 5th March. The Gifted and Talented Year 9 and 10 Geography students working alongside Mr Duncan in Moving Image made a video promoting Rio De Janeiro as a Green City. Furthermore, Rachel Mc Bride and Orlagh Duncan represented the school in the Environmental Youth Speak public speaking completion. The topic they discussed was ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’.

Eco Week featured a number of activities which involved the whole College, students and staff.  Pupils and staff had a spring clean in their homes by bringing in old clothes, toys, fabrics and shoes these were then recycled. Pupils were also asked to bring in old batteries for the battery bank located in reception. The plan is to fill it before the end of term. Pupils also brought in old ink cartridges for recycling, an on-going scheme which runs in the College.

Pupils and staff members signed an eco- pledge promising to switch off lights, power down computers at the end of the day and try to reduce their paper usage. Two classes completed a litter pick. It was part of the Big Spring Clean challenge. The Eco Committee organised assemblies for the week. PD resources were supplied for Tuesday morning. Again the topics focused around recycling and carbon footprints. Also on Friday a new Key Stage 3 Eco committee was elected. This committee will work with the senior committee but also work on their own environmental projects. Finally on Friday afternoon for the last 4 periods we had a lights off afternoon. This was organised to see if teachers and pupils could work without switching the lights on. This was a great success and is something that will be done on a more regular basis. Mr Martin Toner, Geography teacher spoke of how “it is vitally important that we are environmentally mindful as a school and that all staff and pupils really embraced Eco Week and hopefully made a difference.”




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