How Can I Help Drumragh Integrated College To Expand?

How Can I Help Drumragh Integrated College To Expand?

You may well be aware that Drumragh IC is historically over-subscribed, and for some years has had to turn away children and parents who wanted to join us. The college is simply too small, and this just isn’t right. We provide a positive, successful, inclusive learning environment, and we believe parents who wish their child to be educated here should be granted that request.

Drumragh IC is the only integrated post-primary school in the area, meaning that many prospective pupils who are refused a place here are denied an integrated education. The Department of Education has a responsibility to fulfil Article 64 of the 1989 Order, which states, ‘It shall be the duty of the Department to encourage and facilitate the development of integrated education…’. We believe strongly that integrated education works toward a better Northern Ireland for all of us. 

Several years ago we submitted an application, called a Development Proposal, to the Department of Education. It requested permission to expand over a five-year period from 580 to 750 students. Initially we were refused this permission, leading to our successful court case against the Department of Education last year. The Minister of Education is committed to retaking his decision. As part of this process, our updated Development Proposal is offered through the WELB for public consultation. I am asking you to write a letter of support.

If you are happy to support this proposal, please could you write to:

Area Planning Policy Team

Department of Education
Rathgael House
Balloo Road
BT19 7PR

Your letter could simply state that you wish to support the Drumragh IC Development Proposal number 226, and give a few reasons why.

Please do this for us, and for those who suffer the frustration of the college being too small. If you have any questions about it, please get in touch with me. Many thanks indeed. 

Yours faithfully

Mr N Frith



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