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Admissions Q&A

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Drumragh Integrated College Admissions Questions

The following answers may be of some use to you, as you consider the best choice of school for your child. Please feel free to contact the Principal if you would like to ask further questions or follow up any of the points raised here.


Since Drumragh Integrated College is normally over-subscribed, is there any point in applying?


Yes. Numbers of applications vary each year. Every year most applicants who apply to us as their first choice preference are successful in gaining a place here.


Does the transfer test play any part in Drumragh’s admissions process?


No. Drumragh caters for children of all abilities. The college does not believe in ‘rubber stamping’ children of 11, and especially not in suggesting that some of them are ‘failures’.


Does the Gifted and Talented admissions criterion create an academic hurdle in itself?


We give some priority to those who have particular talents. Our definition of these is broad, including academic, practical, sporting and creative abilities. This approach creates opportunity and helps us to ensure a truly all-ability student community.


Does ‘all ability’ mean Drumragh has mixed ability classes?


Only for less academic subjects such as Personal Development and PE. For academically challenging subjects such as English and Maths, students are grouped by ability so that they can be supported and stretched appropriately.


Can students achieve as highly at Drumragh as they might have in a grammar school?


Yes. This is because of our Gifted and Talented Programme, the expertise of our staff, our grouping policy and our child-centred ethos. Our exam results and the university progression of our students speak for themselves. We also offer solid grounding in the tolerant attitudes that society so badly needs.


Is Drumragh a high school or a grammar school?


It’s both.


Are most admissions from an integrated primary school?


No. At least half of our intake comes from a wide variety of primary schools.


Is it more difficult to get a place at Drumragh if we live further away?


No. Distance plays no part in our admissions criteria, for applicants who live in Northern Ireland.


Is there any help available for us in the admissions process?


Yes. You are invited to contact the Principal if you would like to talk through the admissions criteria and the requirements of the transfer form.


We missed Open Day; is it too late to see the college?


No, it’s never too late. You are warmly invited to contact the Principal’s Secretary to arrange a visit and, if you wish, a tour of the college.


Is there any point in appealing?


Yes. A limited number of appeals have been successful each summer, in recent years.

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