Calendar for 2014/15




Autumn Term                    3 September      Start of term


                                                11 September   Celebration of Success


                                                25 September   Y8 Welcome Evening


                                                2 October            Y11 Introduction to GCSE Evening


                                                16 October          Y12 Exam Success Evening


                                                23 October          Y9 Parents’ Consultation


                                                24 October          Staff training day


                                                27-31 October   Half-term week


                                                5 November       Y12 Parents’ Consultation


                                                24 November    Y12 Mock Exam Week begins


                                                1 December       Y13/14 Parents’ Consultation


                                                18 December     Y8 Parents’ Consultation


                                                19 December     End of term


Spring Term                       5 January             Start of term


                                                10 January           Open Day


                                                11 February        Y12 Options Evening


                                                16-17 February  Half-term break


                                                18 February        Y10 Parents’ Consultation


                                                27 February        Y14 Formal


                                                2 March                Integration Week begins


                                                12 March             Y12 Formal


                                                16 March             Staff training day


                                                17 March             Bank holiday


                                                23 March             Eco Week begins


                                                1 April                   End of term


Summer Term                   13 April                 Staff training day


                                                14 April                 Start of term for students


                                                23 April                 Y11 Parents’ Consultation


                                                4 May                    Bank holiday


                                                25 May                 Bank holiday


                                                26 May                 Assessment Week begins (until 2 June)


                                                30 June                 End of term


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