Gifted and Talented GCSE student awarded 3 year scholarship to study at the prestigious St. Albans School Washington DC >>

Gifted and Talented GCSE student awarded 3 year scholarship to study at the prestigious St. Albans School Washington DC.


(Above) Future NASA Astophysicist in the making Seosamh Hackett celebrating his recent success.

Gifted and Talented fifteen year old Drumragh Integrated College student Seosamh Hackett has been awarded a three year scholarship to study at the prestigious St.Albans School Washington DC.

Seosamh is in Year 12 and after his GCSE’s are over in June he will be heading to the United States to take up the opportunity of a lifetime.

A keen actor, astronomer and ecologist taking part in the yearly Shakespeare plays at school, involved in the Eco Committee and Astronomy Club, Seosamh benefitted from the extended Gifted and Talented Programme provided at the College. It was Seosamh's interest in astronomy; which he is currently studying at GCSE level in Drumragh; that particularly caught the interview panels imagination.

His keen interest in astrophysics was initially sparked by attending the Astronomy Club. He explained "The club was set up by my English teacher Mr Graham Peters. It is due to his mentorship and that of principal, Nigel Frith and his staff at Drumragh Integrated College, that I am on the path to a new beginning in the United States."

Seosamh has also previously undertaken work experience placements at Armagh Observatory and the physics department, hopes the qualification will lead to an eventual career in the aerospace industry.

“One day I hope to design something for NASA - that's my ambition and I hope this can be the catapult for that type of career. The chance of there being life somewhere else out there really interests me and I would love to discover something new. We learn so many different things including the history of astronomy and who invented what technology and what different processes are involved in the solar system. But working out how to understand things is the bit I enjoy most. We spend so much time trying to understand something and it feels so worthwhile when you finally do!"

Due to the significant costs involved Seosamh has come with up a novel way of raising money to help him take up a scholarship to attend the prestigious St Albans.

He continued "In order to avail of the scholarship I am required to do some fund-raising. As it is 3,323 miles from Omagh to Washington I hope the public will support my idea to raise funds via sponsoring me for 'Get Me There and Back Again'.

"I have been successful in being awarded a scholarship to St Albans School in Washington DC having been nominated by my school. The scholarship which I have received is an amazing opportunity."

Seosamh plans to share the fundraising between his campaign, the Astronomy Club, the Shakespeare Club and the Eco Committee - all clubs he has enjoyed during his time at Drumragh.

The scholarship Seosamh has been awarded is for a period of three years and is awarded every three years to one student from Northern Ireland. Seosamh is also the first from County Tyrone to receive this honour.

Anyone who wishes to sponsor Seosamh can contact him through the following:



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