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Arrangements for results day Summer 2015

AS\A2 complete set of results, including individual module / unit scores will be available from the college after 9.00am on Thursday 13th August.


GCSE results will be available in college from 9.00am Thursday 20th August.


Please see attached letters for further information.

Year 8 Technology students from Drumragh Integrated College travelled to the Braid Centre in Ballymena to compete in the “Go4SET” competition; this initiative is an environmental themed Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project.

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Eco Week at Drumragh Integrated College


Last week saw Drumragh Integrated College celebrating “Eco Week”. The Eco Committee made up of a body of students’, devised a number of activities that promoted energy conservation and recycling within the school. Prior to Eco Week the school had been involved in a number of Eco activities.

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Freedom Of Information


Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Concerning information available under

The Freedom of Information Act 2000



In keeping with the requirements of The Freedom of Information Act (2000), the Board of Governors of Drumragh Integrated College supports a culture of good communication and accountability. The college will make information available, on request, to those who are entitled to receive it. At the same time, it recognises the need to protect sensitive personal information. All information provided by the college will either be available on its website or in paper form. The governing body is responsible for maintenance of this scheme. 


·         To clarify:  

o   The classes of information which the college publishes or intends to publish;

o   The manner in which the information will be published;

o   Whether the information is available free of charge or on payment.

·         To ensure that the college responds effectively and efficiently to requests for information.


·         College information can be divided into four broad categories:

(a)   Prospectus – information published in the college prospectus. At time of writing, 

the college publishes three prospectuses; Whole College, 6th Form and Gifted and Talented.


(b) Governors’ documents – information published in the Governors’ Annual Report and in other governing body documents.

(c) Documents relating to students and the curriculum – information about policies that relate to students and the college curriculum.

(d) School policies and other information related to the college - information about policies that relate to the college in general.


See below for a more detailed list of available documents.

·         Information can be requested by contacting:

Address: The Principal, Drumragh Integrated College, 70 Crevenagh Road, Omagh,               BT79 0GW

Telephone:  028 8225 2440       

Fax:  028 8225 2466       

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



·         Single copies of information covered by this policy are usually free, on request. However if responding to a request involves a significant amount of photocopying or printing, or (b) the payment of a large postage charge, or (c) is for a priced item, such as a printed publication, the cost will be quoted before the request is fulfilled.

·         The legislation requires us to respond to your request for information as soon as possible after it is received, and not later than 20 working days after the date of receipt. This timescale may have to be extended if, for example, the information requested is very extensive and therefore takes a long time to gather or we are waiting for you to pay a fee.

·         The Board of Governors welcomes comments or suggestions about this publication scheme. In the first instance, comments or suggestions should be addressed to the Chair of the Board of Governors, at the college address.

Types of Information Currently Published

1. Whole College Prospectus:


The contents of the whole-college prospectus include the following:  

·         The name, address and telephone number of the college

·         The names of the Principal and Chair of Governors

·         A statement of the college’s integrated ethos and values

·         The curriculum provided in key stages 3, 4 and 5

·         Transition from primary school

·         Pastoral care

·         Careers provision

·         Provision for religious education and parents’ right to withdraw their child from this

·         Information about the college’s provision for pupils with special educational needs

·         The gifted and talented programme

·         Extra-curricular enrichment

·         Parental partnership

·         Student attendance rates

·         Assessment results for appropriate key stages, compared with NI summary figures, including GCSE and A level results

·         Information on the college’s admissions policy   

·         The number of places for year 8 students in the preceding three school years and the number of applications for those places

2. Governors’ Annual Report and other information relating to the governing body

The annual report of the Board of Governors must contain:


·         a summary of the steps taken by the Board of Governors in the discharge of its functions during the period since its last report; and

    • any other information as the scheme of management of the college may require.


The annual report is required to:

·         be as brief as is reasonably consistent with the requirements below; 

    • give the name and membership category of each school governor;


    • give the date on which the term of office of each member (other than the principal) comes to an end;


    • name the chairperson and secretary of the Board of Governors;


    • provide information about arrangements for the next election of parents to the Board of Governors;


    • contain a financial statement


      • reproducing or summarising any financial statement furnished to the Board of Governors by the education and library board or DE;


      • indicating how any grants or financial allocations to the Board of Governors in the period of the report were used; and


      • providing details of the application of any gifts or bequests made to the school in that period.


    • describe the arrangements made for the security of the students, staff and the college premises, and any changes since the last report;


    • describe the steps taken to develop links with the community;


    • describe the arrangements and facilities for pupils with special educational needs (SEN), ensuring that they are treated no less favourably than other students;


    • describe the steps taken to secure the implementation of the SEN policies;


    • provide information as to the facilities provided to assist access to the school for pupils with a physical disability and the Accessibility Plan for the school;


    • provide such information on the curriculum and educational provision and educational achievements as is required to be made available in the annual report in accordance with Regulation 10 of the Education (School Information and Prospectuses) Regulations (NI) 2003.


3. Policies relating to students and the delivery of the curriculum


A number of these policies are available through the parents’ section of the college website. Where any are required that do not feature there, however, please contact the college.


·         Home/college agreement: 


This includes the college’s responsibilities, the ICT agreement, parental responsibilities and the college’s expectations of its students, for example homework arrangements. Such documentation is largely provided in the Student Planner, and both parents and students are requested to read it carefully at the start of each year.


·         Pastoral Care Policy

·         Special Educational Needs Policy

·         Accessibility Policy

·         Child Protection Policy

·         Positive Behaviour Policy

·         Suspension and Expulsion Policy

·         Anti-Bullying Policy

·         E-safety Policy

·         Policy regarding Electronic Devices and Mobile Phones

·         Drugs Policy

·         Attendance Policy

·         Gifted and Talented Policy

·         Curriculum Policy

·         Homework Policy

·         Uniform Policy

4. Other school policies and information related to the school, including the following:

·         Published report of the most recent inspection of the college  

·         Post-inspection action plan 

·         College calendar including term dates  

·         Health and Safety Policy  

·         Critical Incident Policy

·         Complaints procedure




If there is dissatisfaction with any response from the Board of Governors, a formal complaint may be made to the Information Commissioner’s Office as the organisation that ensures compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and deals with formal complaints at:


Information Commissioner, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF   


Enquiry/Information Line: 01625 545 700


E Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Website :








This publication scheme was adopted by the Board of Governors at its meeting on:




Date: _______________________________________________

Signed: _____________________________________________ 


Chair of the Board of Governors 


Integrated Alumni have created a series of videos in which we ask past pupils of integrated schools for their thoughts on integrated education.

Sincere thanks to our contributors: Melissa O'Kane, Ellen Donoghue, Shane Greer and Teresa Mulligan. And thanks to our London group PRO, Shauna Mulligan, past pupil of Drumragh Integrated College, who is the driving force behind this initiative. If you'd like to contribute to a future video please get in touch.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: @IntEdAlumni

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 11:31

Ulster Cross Country Championsips

Matthew Murnaghan ( Junior Boy) & Matthew Neill( Minor Boy), both competed in the ulster cross country championships. Matthew Murnaghan qualified for the All  Ireland and finished 15th  in the junior boys race.

As part of their enquiry into integrated and shared education, Stormont’s Education Committee recently left its usual home and instead held its meeting at Drumragh Integrated College. During the meeting two presentations were given, one by the Speedwell Trust and the other by members of Drumragh. The main purpose of Drumragh’s session was to present the views of young people, so the key speakers were Caen Fahy, Drumragh’s Head Boy, Cara Monaghan, Drumragh’s Head Girl, and Zara Hemphill, who is already developing her political career. All three spoke brilliantly about their experiences of integrated education and the positive impact of it on them as well-rounded young people.

Zara Hemphill has been elected as a representative for West Tyrone on to the UK Youth Parliament on Saturday 28th February 2015. Zara, a sixth form student from Drumragh Integrated College received 394 out of 785 votes; she was the only female standing in the West Tyrone Constituency.

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Environmental Youth Speak Competition

Congratulations to Orlagh Duncan and Rachel Mc Bride on representing Drumragh Integrated College in the Environmental Youth Speak competition in the Strule Arts Centre on Tuesday 24th February. This was a Gifted and Talented Geography activity. The topic they had to discuss was ‘Love food, hate waste’.

Thursday, 26 February 2015 09:58

Vote Zara Hemphill for UK Youth Parliament

Vote for Zara Hemphill running in the UK Youth Parliament Election representing West Tyrone.

Our very own Zara Hemphill is running for the UK Youth Parliament Election in West Tyrone. This is a parliament where all young people's voice are heard including yours. We need the whole College to support her, please could you follow the link below to vote for her.


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Drumragh Integrated Prospectus

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