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Admission of students into Year 8

The Board of Governors will seek to reflect, in the total number admitted into Year 8 in September 2013, an overall balance amongst all traditions and all abilities. The College will reserve a maximum of 20% of the available places for students regarded as ‘Other’, as defined below. The remaining places will then be allocated as equally as possible between Protestant and Roman Catholic applicants. Where less than 20% of places are awarded to applicants regarded as ‘Other’, the balance will be divided as equally as possible between Protestant and Roman Catholic applicants. The Board of Governors will also seek to ensure a full range of abilities within its student body. The criteria set out below will be applied separately to ‘Other’, Protestant and Roman Catholic applicants. If there are fewer applicants from either of the main traditions than there are places available for that tradition, then the balance of places will be allocated to the other tradition. Priority will be given to students resident in Northern Ireland and to those who identify the College as their first-choice preference. 


 Definitions of ‘Other’ include:

  • Applicants of a religion that is neither Protestant nor Roman Catholic.
  • Applicants who are from a mixed marriage/union or a background that is similarly integrated.
  • Applicants who have genuine, specific reasons for regarding themselves as neither Protestant nor Roman Catholic.

Applications to be regarded as ‘Other’ must be clearly noted as such on the Transfer Form and the reasons for applying on this basis must be stated.


It is a matter for parents/guardians to ensure that all the information required by the College to apply its criteria is provided. This should include stating clearly on the form whether the application is to be regarded as ‘Other’, Protestant or Roman Catholic.



Where there are more applicants than places available, the following criteria shall be applied in the order set down:


(a)          Applicants who are transferring from a Grant Maintained Integrated Primary School or Controlled Integrated Primary School, as defined in the Education Reform (NI) Order 1989.


(b)          Applicants whose parent/guardian is an employee of the Board of Governors of Drumragh Integrated College, who is due to take up such an appointment, or who are children of a member of the Board of Governors of Drumragh Integrated College.


(c)          Applicants who have a brother(s) or sister(s) presently enrolled at the College.


(d)          Applicants who are gifted and/or talented.  These will be applicants who:

·         Are achieving at a level significantly higher than the majority of their peer group, in a minimum of two subject areas;

·         Express themselves effectively, both orally and in writing.

Gifts and/or talents may be academic, creative, practical or sporting. Claims for a place within this criterion must be accompanied by relevant supporting evidence. Examples of appropriate supporting documentation include:

·         Recent standardised testing data as available from the applicant’s primary school;

·         A letter from the primary school principal, with supporting evidence;

·         School reports with excellence highlighted;

·         Music certificates in formal graded exams;

·         Evidence of success in sport, at county or national level;

·         Evidence of success in drama, public speaking or debating;

·         Published creative writing. 


(e)          Applicants who are the first child in the family.


(f)            Applicants of a mixed marriage/union.


(g)          Applicants who are transferring from a mixed enrolment primary school.  For the purpose of applying the Admissions Criteria, ‘mixed’ is defined as primary schools whose management can confirm an enrolment of not less than 20% of both the Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions.


(h)          Applicants whose parents wish to make a claim for a place based on specific circumstances (medical, social, educational or other factors) which, in the judgement of the Board of Governors, would require attendance at the College rather than another school.  (Please note that appropriate evidence in support of such requests should be submitted to the College).


(i)             Applicants who are transferring from other primary schools in Northern Ireland.


(j)             Other applicants.


In the event of full subscription being exceeded within any of the above criterion groupings, selection for the available places in that grouping will be on the basis of random selection. This will include allocating a number to each applicant, and using an internet-based random number generator to select an order of numbers. All of the applicants concerned will be listed in alphabetical order based on the first letter of their surname (as entered on the Transfer Form). In the event of more than one surname beginning with the first initial letter, the subsequent letters of the surname will be used in alphabetical order. In the event of two identical surnames, the alphabetical order of the forenames will be used. The first student on the list will be allocated number one, and each subsequent student will be allocated the next whole number, until all students have a unique number. An internet random number generator will be used to produce the required numbers. The applicant with each number selected will be offered a place. This will be repeated until all available places have been allocated.



If not stated on the Transfer Form, the religious affiliation of a student will be noted by:


(i)             Other information supplied to the College by the applicant's parent(s)/guardian(s);


(ii)           The category of primary school which the student has attended in P7, eg controlled or maintained;


(iii)          Directly from the applicant's primary school.


Where the College is over-subscribed, the Board of Governors reserves the right to require appropriate supplementary evidence in order to support or verify information on any Application Form / Transfer Form.


Please note that the provision of false or incorrect information, or the failure to provide information within the deadlines set, can result in the withdrawal of a place or the inability to offer a place at this College.


Where any of the above is not clear, parents are welcome to contact the College for assistance.


For applications to the Sixth Form, there are separate admissions criteria which are available from the college.

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