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Post-16 Admission Criteria 2011-12

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Post-16 Admission Criteria 2011-12 

  1. Students wishing to transfer from the college’s own year 12 into the Sixth Form, will be admitted in preference to external applicants.
  2. Applicants will only be admitted to the Sixth Form where they meet the basic entry requirements of:
    (i) 6 A* - C grades (including GCSE Maths or English) in order to study 3 AS subjects (or equivalent) or more.
    (ii) 5 A* - C grades (including GCSE Maths or English) in order to study 2 AS subjects (or equivalent).
  3. Please note that individual subject criteria apply in addition to these; see the subject pages at the back of this prospectus for these subject specific details.
  4. Applicants must have demonstrated, through their preparation for their Key Stage 4 assessments, their commitment to achieving their best. This will include attendance, punctuality, the meeting of deadlines and behaviour. In the case of attendance, the college’s expectation is at least 90% except where there are documented extenuating circumstances. To assess the meeting of deadlines, the student’s record of submitting coursework on time will be consulted.
  5. External applicants who have previously attended the college and wish to return, and who satisfy the above criteria, will normally be given priority over other external candidates.
  6. Where previous criteria cannot resolve the order of priority, external applicants will be prioritised according to their GCSE results, with the highest being placed first.
  7. Where the college is fully subscribed in any of the above criterion groupings, and applicants satisfy the other entry requirements, the Department of Education is the decision-making body.

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