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Head boy statement

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Head boy statement

My name is Art Cook and I am the current Head Boy at Drumragh. I have been in integrated education throughout my life and am now studying A-Levels in English, Geography, Maths and Moving Image Arts. I am aiming to achieve grades that will allow me to study English Literature at university next year.

I really do believe that Drumragh is the best school in Omagh, both in terms of the atmosphere and obtaining the best education. The reason for this has always been the staff’s dedication to providing the best for the students, and now we have these amazing facilities to further enhance the experience. The College is a diverse and exciting community, and everyone is provided with a safe and friendly environment in which to learn and grow to reach their full potential.

Our school provides a wide range of activities and clubs to suit various interests. Students can join our many sports teams – soccer, rugby, Gaelic football and hockey to name a few – in enjoying the new pitches we have and competing across Northern Ireland. There are also lunch-time and after-school clubs in our Learning Resource Centre and throughout different departments where pupils can get help with homework, play some chess, or settle down with an interesting book to read.

Another aspect which makes our school stand out is the enrichment programme, which provides us with a chance to enhance our education with extra-curricular activities. I have undertaken a first aid course and am currently doing Duke of Edinburgh as part of the scheme, but there are other options including Top Link and ICT skills courses which students can avail of.

I feel honoured to have been nominated Head Boy and greatly appreciate the chance to be a representative for the school which has provided me with some of my best years. I would strongly recommend Drumragh Integrated College to any prospective pupils or parents; it is a choice I would find it hard to believe anyone could regret.


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