Charity and Outreach

When you join Drumragh College you are joining a school with a strong community spirit, and a generosity second to none. The story of our students is one powered by a need to help, a need to tackle deprivation and a desire for a better world for everyone. We are very proud of their spirit of generosity, their level of commitment to helping others and the extent they will go to ensure people receive what they need. It may be the £10,000 they helped raise for cancer research in a few months or the assemblies and shows they produce and deliver to highlight issues such as poverty, or the food they gather, or their work in the community, or their environmental protection work or their campaigning on human rights.

Whatever it is, our students know they have made a difference locally and nationally. Other things include: Year 11 Occupational Studies students visiting Buddies Childtime Centre and in return hosting a group and Year 14 students delivering a programme on Mental Health to Key Stage 3 students.


Drumragh Integrated Prospectus

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