Stock Market Challenge

The Maths Department is taking part in a “Stock Market Challenge”. This event will take place in February in St Mary’s College in Derry – where a team of 5 Year 11 pupils will compete against other schools in a game which simulates working on the financial markets. Currently 1 Year 11 group is in training for the Competiton –working on Global Investor:-


“Global Investor transforms trading on the financial markets into an accessible and

enjoyable collaborative learning experience. It enables students to learn essential

mathematical techniques and applications, improve their business and economic

understanding, and develop their key skills in a collaborative and time-pressured team


In the game students work in pairs on two linked screens: one for the Investment

Analyst and one for the Media Analyst. Starting with a fund of 500,000 points, their task

is to increase the value of their team's starting fund by buying and selling shares in 12

companies and 3 commodities.

In order to make the right investment decisions students need to do their research. They

will need to decide whether a news story will have a good or bad effect on the share

and commodity prices.

The information that will help them to decide what to buy or sell comes from text and

video news, which are accessible on both the Investment Analyst and Media Analyst



The students are really enjoying the experience and we wish the team all the best in the Competition.



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